Objectives of this Site

The objective of this site is to provide you with tips so that every day
at least one of our six daily 'Suggests' will get you minimum 1% profit
on Rs.15000/- investment from your side. If you play on-line as per our
Guidelines and following our 'PricePoints' and Alerts.

Even if you catch only part of what is shown in this website
and make only 25% of what is actually possible,
you earn minimum 10% profit per month... every month


Changes have been made at our site post-COVID.
We will function with some restrictions. Please see the
'Membership Details' page for details. Thank you -Admin

If you are an absolute beginner, with no prior trading experience,
and would like to tryout INTRADAY TRADING as a viable income option,
you should first 'READ THIS...'

Profits for the last 3 working days — on 15,000/- investment...

NIFTY 3 Days Ago

+6.70    +0.04%

*Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. 690

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. NIL
NIFTY 2 Days Ago

-110.25    -0.61%

*Profit: Rs. 960

Profit: Rs. 450

Profit: Rs. 1440

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. 400
NIFTY 1 Day Ago

-100.55    -0.56%

*Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. 4480

Profit: Rs. NIL

Profit: Rs. NIL
* Profit is the estimated amount you would have earned if you invested Rs. 15,000/-
on the scrip as per our 'Suggest' for that day, following our 'PricePoints' and Alerts.
With the 4 times margin allowed by online brokering houses for intraday trading,
your 15000 will become (15000 x 4 =) Rs. 60,000/- available for online intraday
investment. All Profits/Loss shown in this site is based on Rs. 60,000 purchase.
Please click on the day's NIFTY chart for more details.

Read article on Intraday Trading in the Economic Times of 13-June-2011
Read Online (abridged version)   Download full version (pdf-zipped)

Our site is now closed for a few days due to internal issues.
Service will resume after a few days. We will inform the opening
date here, and to all members by SMS, well in advance.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


HelpLine: 09674873141/08697344733




IntradayTrade dot Net is a scrip-suggestion service for on-line traders who are interested in intraday trading in stocks listed with the National Stock Exchange of India (Equities/Cash only).

Every trade-day morning we’ll give you names of 6 scrips that we feel will give good intraday profits for that day.

These 'Suggests' (as we call them) are sent by SMS to members around 8:30amIST every trade-day morning. You can also login to this website after 8:30amIST every trade-day to see our 'Suggests'.

We also provide 'PricePoints' for the scrips mentioned. These are not sent by SMS — they are available only on the 'Suggests' page of this website.

Same day evening we will analyse the performance of these stocks and estimate what intraday profit/loss you have made if you had followed our guidelines on intraday trade.

You'll get to see this analysis surely by the next trade-day morning.


For Beginners

If you are a beginner, you have arrived at the right place. You'll find a lot of information here on intraday trading — basic concepts, strategies for buying and selling, time of entry and exit and a lot more. First 'READ THIS...' Study the first 3 links under 'THE BASICS' on the left panel to learn more. Take a membership and then go through the first 2 links under 'MEMBER AREA' carefully.


For Seasoned Players

If you are already into intraday trading, maybe the links mentioned above are not for you. You would be knowing these things by now, and you have your own way to deal with entry/exit points. DO NOT change the way you work. Simply add our 'Suggests' to your system. If your tracking system also recommends any of our 'Suggests', play with confidence. Life will become a lot easier.

This site will also save you the trouble of screening the entire market at the end of each day to locate the possible winners for tomorrow. We do a thorough job, very scientifically, and give you 6 names. Take a membership and find out for yourself...

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The methods advocated by this website are attempts to capture swings that last for 10 to 30 minutes duration. Longer in a rally. We, therefore, do not restrict to buy and then sell trades - ie, we advocate LONG as well as SHORT trades.

We follow this rule: If the market is going up, look to go LONG. If the market is falling, look for SHORTING opportunities. One thing you must remember: prices fall at a much faster rate than going up. SHORTING also has its own peculiar risks: please read this.

Our 'Suggests' have given consistent intraday returns since we've come online in August 2008. In the worst of days, we have picked up stocks that have given approx 1(+)% intraday profit per day. We are the best in the business!

Even on days when NIFTY has dipped real low (23/24/27-Oct-2008, 11-Nov-2008, 07-Jan-2009, 15-Nov-2012, 23-May-2013, 16-Aug-2013, 09-Mar-2015, 27-Aug-2015, 11-Oct-2018, 21-June-2019, 20-Jan-2020, 28-Feb-2020, 09-Mar-2020, 23-Mar-2020) our picks have given fantastic intraday returns in LONG: Check here

Like it has been already said: These are not tips. We neither encourage nor believe in tips. Also, we never follow the thumb rule of "buy on rumours and sell on news". All 'Suggests' are based on study of the Markets, Stock Charts and multiple Indicators.


Yet Affordable

We believe in the theory of "more to many, at less to many". So we have kept our subscription rates moderate which in turn has brought in more than 3000 registrations (till end-March 2015) from all across the country. It is encouraging to see our user-community grow.

However, we have been forced to remove the "Free Trial Offer" from August 2010, as there were too many requests from non-interested visitors just for the heck of it. Now we get trial requests only from serious, interested online intraday traders and we concentrate fully on doing a better job for you :-)


Try Us ... You'll like us!

I had tried many other services like this before. Made great losses following them. Here I am making profits.
-Prasad V.
Hyderabad, AP


Your SMS Alerts are very timely and helpful.
Mumbai, Maharashtra


I find no manipulations in your reports.
-Sanjay, Delhi

This system is a little difficult to understand at first. It took me 2 months to know how to use it. Now there is no loss at all.
-S. Srikumar
Coimbatore, KN


There is no spoon feeding. Actual operation is left to the member. This is what I like because you give space to the experienced online day trader.
-V. S. Shah
Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Thank you very much for all the help you give to newcomers like me. Your replies to my questions have been good and very educative.
-Krishna Mukherjee
Kolkata, WB

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